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Caribbean Concierge Services

CCS Antigua is dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective liaison between yachts and any shore side services they may require in Antigua. Run by Tina Westwood, who has been working within the yachting industry here since 1985. 

Her mainstream services include: VIP handling and private aviation charters where she organizes the seamless transfer of guests from private aircraft / commercial flights directly to their yacht. T

ina also looks after villa rentals and hotel bookings for any large crew groups during regattas, plus Customs brokerage, clearance of ships spares / inbound goods with delivery to yacht, container clearance, floral arrangements, rental car bookings, courier services, provisioning, berth bookings, clearance at Customs & Immigration and delivers APA funds to captains.

We have received numerous highly positive reviews for CCS, who continue to rate them as a really efficient ‘one stop shop’ for all their needs.
One captain’s comment just has to be repeated: “We have a simple message on the notice board in the Crew Mess saying: Just call CCS!”

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