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Fitzroy's Rewinding

Situated on the All Saints Road on the way into town (St. John’s), this Antiguan Electrical Motor and rewinding service has come consistently well recommended to us in past seasons, with one MY Chief Engineer (amongst others) telling us: "These guys were a great find - They rewound the starboard generator excitation winding. I got it back very quickly and they did not charge very much at all." 

They also have the largest stock of pumps, bearings and seals in Antigua! Previously, a schooner Captain had commented to us how he couldn't believe just how good they were at repairing / rewinding motors, and how much money they had saved by not having to buy a new one. 

Open six days a week 0800 – 1700 hrs, Mon - Fri, and 0800 – 1200 hrs on Saturday.

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