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Chippy Fine Yacht Woodwork

Jerry Bardoe has been running this highly respected carpentry shop here, for over 30 years, during which time they have worked on all the J Class, and many other high profile yachts. Past seasons have seen them carrying out (along with their usual interior cabinetry and general yacht carpentry), a lot of deck and major re-caulking jobs (predominantly using the solidly effective "Teakdecking Systems" caulking)... for which we have received highly enthusiastic Captains feedback.

They specialize in interior joinery, veneers, deck work and wooden spars. This past season they carried out several deck sanding jobs, cap rail repairs and made teak gratings. Suppliers of quality marine ply, teak and other hardwoods, they also work with Corian and Perspex, and pride themselves on providing a really professional service, with “no job being too small.” They also have a reputation for standing by their work, and any isolated quality problems that may arise are always tended to without an issue.

Their workshop is located on the main road between the Catamaran Marina and Cobbs Cross... though they will work on yachts in any location. Chippy also does warranty and insurance jobs for many of the major yacht builders.

Captains' feedback in past seasons has been excellent... “Chippy did a really good job replacing veneer and floorboards” “We had some extensive carpentry work to do – that we put off doing in the Med. in the knowledge that we could thoroughly trust Chippy for both quality, and timing. Needless to say, he met our needs in every way” “Chippy did an excellent job when replacing a hatch” “Top quality woodwork… they’re a totally reliable set up” “I really recommend Chippy - Jerry and his team - he has some great carpenters, organised, clean, calm and good communicators. The sort of guys you want on your boat” “Athos has used Chippy for lots of interior and exterior projects ranging from stuck drawers to manufacturing very large fender boards to completely rebuilding our solid teak ornate barrel hatch (exploded while RORC 600ing!) all completed faultlessly. He’s a legend in wood!”

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