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FlyMontserrat is a 'home grown' Caribbean airline with aircraft based in Antigua, Montserrat and Nevis, that have the ability to fly in and out of the largest and smallest of the islands in the Caribbean chain. Its aircraft are regular visitors to St.Barth’s, St.Maarten, Guadeloupe, Anguilla, Dominica, Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands as well as further afield. It operates to the highest standards, under a UK Air Operator’s Certificate, providing a safe, reliable and friendly service to make travelling in the Caribbean a hassle-free experience. As well as ‘on-demand’ charters, the company also provides scheduled air services between Antigua, Montserrat and Nevis, a fast and efficient courier service for urgent supplies, the carriage of dangerous goods, day trips and a vitally important Air Ambulance service. For owners, guests and crew, FlyMontserrat offers a fascinating flight around Montserrat, including incredible views of the volcano and coastline providing some fabulous photo opportunities. Flights can depart from Montserrat itself or from whichever island you are visiting. 

Since first forming his own UK Airline in 1983, Nigel Harris has operated piston and turbo prop aircraft on both scheduled and ‘on-demand’ services for over 33 years. With over 18,000 flying hours under his belt, he is highly qualified in his position heading the FlyMontserrat team. At present, FlyMontserrat operates three Britten-Norman Islander aircraft – one of the best-selling smaller commercial aircraft produced in Europe, with 9 seats and twin engines. Adaptable and versatile, it has an unsurpassed record of solving transportation problems simply and economically and continues to excel in modern-day roles. For further company information and to make reservations for charters, freight handling, day trips or island tours, visit the website listed below…

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