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Epicurean Supermarkets

Epicurean is one of the largest and finest supermarkets in Antigua and the Eastern Caribbean. Their main branch is located just off Friars Hill Road and covers a massive 55,000 sq ft. A second branch is at Jolly Harbour Resort / Marina and this store is easily accessed from your yacht by tendering into the marina. Both stores have a full range of fresh produce coming in from the US twice a week in chilled containers and more delicate speciality products quick freighted in by air. The main store has a fabulous fresh fish display including live lobsters, oysters and mussels, a truly impressive range of frozen foods, a sushi counter and fresh flowers too – all well worth checking out!

Specialist ranges include Asian, Indian, Italian, and Middle Eastern products and the fresh meat and deli counters are stocked with high cheeses, deli meats, grade ‘A’ chickens from the USA and USDA choice American beef. 

Epicurean prides itself on the wide variety of products and they carry a range of Waitrose and other UK favourites such as Coleman’s mustard, marmite, English teas and much more. Both stores have ‘in-house’ bakeries and deli counters with the Friars Hill branch in particular, offering an amazing selection of cold cuts and salami’s, French and Italian cheeses and pate’s. The wine and spirit sections offer wines from all over the world, a large variety of spirits, beers by the case and soda’s and mineral water… a real “one stop shop!” Their Frequent Shopper Card allows you to swipe and save, while you shop and easily redeem the points earned towards your next shopping trip.

Friars Hill Road: 

Open 0700-2300 hrs 

Tel: +1(268) 484-5400

Jolly Harbour: 

Open 0700-2100 hrs 

Tel: +1(268) 481 5480

Both branches are open 7 days a week.

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