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Bajan Beach Culture

Barbados really does offer some great surfing and wave-riding opportunities, all around its coasts and has some world class waves and breezes for kite-boarding, windsurfing, paddle-boarding and surfing alike. Local legend and ex-world class professional windsurfer - Brian Talma - has been a Barbadian powerhouse in promoting this aspect of Barbados abroad for many years now. Brian runs the popular surf and wave-riding centre, ‘De Action Shop’ located on the South Coast at Silver Sands Village (The Action Beach). His wave-riding centre includes a board and kite pro-shop, clothing and artwork on sale plus a great café serving food and drinks. He also has a choice of waterfront accommodations available overlooking the Action Beach (plus other accommodations nearby). 

The overwhelming emphasis at the ‘Action Beach’ is on fantastic Kiteboarding and Windsurfing action. Brian employs, nurtures and teaches the local youths as well as opening welcoming arms to visiting board riders, from beginners to experienced alike. 

‘De Action Shop’ is located right on the waterfront at ‘De Action Beach’. Located just fifteen minutes from the airport, ‘De Action Shop’ is perfectly situated for yacht crew flying in for a short holiday (or a US Visa trip lasting more than one day) and it is also well worth the drive down from Port St.Charles on a weekend, to really ‘get away from it all and check out the action’. Phone Brian ahead for advice and guidance on places to stay, car rentals etc… and once on the beach, ‘De Action Shop’ has all the equipment you need to get out there on the water and enjoy it all with no worries. 

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