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About South East & East Asia

Southeast Asia, historically known as The Orient, in general covers the countries between The Indian Ocean and The Pacific – the diversity, variety and experiences offered are incredible: remote, pristine anchorages, some of the most high tech cities in the world, cultural experiences that open “your eyes”, extravagant religious celebrations, traditional simple living & the ultimate in luxury…more than enough to keep the most discerning visitor fully immersed in new and wonderful experiences and yet, always, close enough to modern services and comforts. 

Infrastructure, particularly with the advent of the 2021 Olympics in Japan and the 2021 America’s Cup in New Zealand, both marine and land based, is constantly evolving & improving within Asia, as a whole.  There are obvious “maritime hubs” within the area, due to strategic locations established from the days of The Silk Routes but now, very much, offering superb “western standard” marine facilities and services.

Thanks to the Monsoon seasons, SE Asia offers wonderful year-round cruising.  The North East Monsoon, from November through to April offers idyllic cruising in the Indian Ocean and along the Andaman Coast, from Myanmar to Singapore. 

The South West Monsoon from April to November, opens up the Western coasts, from Singapore up to Japan, Hong Kong and China or follow the trades through the thousands of Indonesian and Philippine Islands...the list is endless and with such year-round cruising options it is no surprise that growth in the marine industry remains positive here.

Accessibility by yachts to so much remote territory is truly special, and can be an  opportunity to “help others” as they pass various islands and more off the beaten track locations; the need for basic medical supplies, educational material or even clean water can offer rewarding experiences for all on-board. Keep in touch with the team at YachtAid Global whose motto “changing the world without changing course” could not be more apt. 

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