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The Seabin Project

Cleaner Marinas, Cleaner Waterlines

The Seabin project supplies Seabins for use in any body of water with a calm environment & services available. They will collect oil, fuel and floating debris, including micorplastics up to 2mm small.

It is plugged into a 110/220 outlet - so that a submersible water pump will suck water in from the surface, pass through a catch bag in the Seabin trapping litter & debris, returning water to the marina.
Running costs are $2.50 per day and each Seabin averages 1.4 tons of marine litter per year!

The catch bag can hold up to 20kg of debris, and needs emptying daily, and the catch bag cleaned monthly.

There are various marinas around the world using them - see how it works....

Award winning Porto Montenegro has been working with Seabins since 2017, as have other pilot Marinas around the world.

Can you do you your part to help clean the world oceans?

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Pete Ceglinski & Sascha Chapman



I have seen it working, and witnessed what came out of it after 12hours, quite eye opening! It also holds an oil absorber that catches surface diesel stains ..

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