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 *** Latest press conference report for 22 MARCH 2020 ***
Curfew in all the Republic of Panama remains in effect from March 18th, everyday until further notice from 2100 hours to 0500 hours.
As of 2359 hours March 22nd all International flights From/To Panama will be suspended for a period of 30 days.
Only authorized flights will be Cargo, Humanitarian  and domestic flights.
Pleasure and commertial yachts will be allowed to arrive Panama to transit the Panama Canal. They must remain anchored waiting their turn to commence Canal transit (present delays for unbooked vessels about 3 to 4 days).
Yachts will not be allowed to enter any marina or dock and the use of the tender is not authorized.   
We can arrange fuel by barge at the explosives anchorage and if provisions are required we can arrange by hiring a commercial launch.
Per Presidential decree since March 20th, the closure was ordered  in all the Republic of Panama - for all stores, offices, shopping malls and other business (except for supermarkes, banks, construction/hardware stores,  hospitals, gas stations, logistics, transportation, all maritime operations and other specific businesses).


Associated Yacht Services (AYS) is the dedicated Yacht and Concierge service division of Associated Steamship Agents, S.A. - who are one of the oldest and most recognized Ship Agencies currently operating at the Panama Canal and throughout the Republic of Panama territory. 

AYS’s professional approach has earned them a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy Yacht Concierge services in the Isthmus of Panama. With a solid and well-established presence and structure, AYS are able to handle all the requirements of a Superyacht Captain and their owner's needs, allowing them to enjoy and discover the beauty and the vibrant people of this magnificent and contrasting country. 

Indeed, Panama has so much to offer throughout its territory – A highlight of this, is of course traversing the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal itself, which alone makes the Panama destination a unique and special experience – but beyond this, Panama remains much more than just a canal. The country gives you the opportunity to unwind on secluded and beautiful white sand beaches, enjoy the luxury of cosmopolitan Panama City, treat yourself to top restaurants and hotels or venture into the waters of Darien or the Coiba Natural Park to experience world class big game Sport Fishing and unparalleled scuba diving. Associated Yacht Services can arrange all of this for you. 

In summary, Panama is a fun destination stop - and to make the most of your visit, the support of a professional agent “Like no other” …is essential -  AYS come highly recommended as, “Just such an excellent agent” for Panama and the Panama Canal.

In their own words, "Leave all your logistic needs to us and enjoy your visit to this very special country. You will not be disappointed!" 

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