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Shoreside Attractions

Bike Paths

Created from a previously removed train track path, the renovated bike paths that run 24 kms from San Remo to San Lorenzo are a wonderful, peaceful place to go for a ride and enjoy lovely sea views - goes through several tunnels, towns and right along the sea for most of the time.


The Casino is one of the town's most famous sights, a glaring white palace with a range of options for those in love with chance. You'll need to dress up to enter some of the gaming rooms, but anyone can have a go on the one-armed bandits in the main halls. 


Several gardens are worthy of a menion: the Gardens of Queen Elena are on top of the hill above La Pigna. The gardens of Villa Zirio, Villa Ormond, Villa Nobel and Palazzo Bellevue are on the east side of town, close to the Porto Sole.

La Pigna, the ‘Pinecone’ is the oldest part of the city and consists of winding, narrow alleys diving under arches and buttresses towards the hill's summit; crowned with a church & gardens. 

Getting Around

The railway station is a short walk from the marina. This main coastal line offers regular, inexpensive trains both south-east to Rome and beyond, and west to France. If travelling west, buy a ticket to Ventimiglia where you have to change trains and buy the French ticket. Remember to validate your ticket before boarding a train as invalidated tickets attract an on-the-spot fine.

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