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Evolution Yacht Engineering

 Evolution Yacht Engineering is a joint venture project of The Rigging Point and Testia Composite, implementing an innovative concept for yacht maintenance combining reliable and efficient engineering and inspection, damage evaluation etc… with minimum costs and high added value for the customer. The skills of The Rigging Point in rigging and yacht structure maintenance and those of Testia as an NDT (non-destructive testing) engineering are put together to offer specific visual and NDT inspection packages for a rigging structural integrity evaluation much more detailed and complete than just that with conventional visual inspection. Their services include:

• Inspection for evaluation and life extension of rigging and parts.

• Inspection for a smart and cost effective rigging refit plan

• Structural analysis and evaluation of rigging and mast

• In-service failure analysis (damage analysis)

The inspection packs of Evolution Yacht Engineering are fitted to the length of each yacht and, along 2013, these have been successfully performed in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona on a number of yachts… and now, for many customers, this is a regular valuable service for their periodical yacht maintenance.

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