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Astilleros de Mallorca

A 'one stop' Superyacht Service Centre..

Centrally located in the Port of Palma and only a short walk from the city centre, Astilleros de Mallorca was one of the first facilities of its kind to provide a full ‘one stop’ Superyacht Service Centre in Mediterranean Spain. They have four slipways, the largest being 74 metres in length with a maximum hoisting capacity of 1700 tons. Each slipway and berth has telephone and Wi-Fi connections and for items that need to be removed during repair or refit, there is an open rig storage area of 1500sqm, serviced by a 25 ton capacity crane with a further 1500sqm of sheltered storage for deck and interior items that could be damaged during a refit. Private lockers are also available upon request. Three cranes service the shipyard, one of 25 tons, one of 10 tons and one of 5 tons, and there is an outfitting quay of 220 metres in length for yachts up to 110 m. re-launched or awaiting haul out. Superyachts undergoing repairs or refits here are allocated a project manager to co-ordinate all the services used whilst the yacht is in the yard. Within the yard, workshops equipped with the very latest in modern tooling technology include steel and metal fabrication, a machinery shop, carpentry, electrical engineering, hydraulic and rigging. The panoramic restaurant lounge area is serving local and international dishes, which is available to all Astilleros clients and staff, a real plus for yachts in refit. 

They also have the following in-house companies working within Astilleros facilities… Tekamar, Air Cold, Estay Electronics, Soft Interiors, BWA Yachting, Busycon, Nauti Paints, Undercover Solutions and Trabajos en Cabos.

Security is excellent, with a manned twenty-four hour door watch with ‘pass only’ access at the main entrance gate.

In order to expand and cope with ever increasing market demands, Astilleros de Mallorca opened a second office in the upgraded public travel-lift area (STP) with two fully equipped mechanical and metal workshops, ‘state of the art’ machinery… such as a lathe, milling machine, hydraulic press, welding bench, hydraulic test bench etc. As a result, the Project Managers can provide their clients with a more rapid response inside the yard. 

The office located next to the 700 T travel-lift in the centre of the yard, makes it easier for Captains and crew to drop by to discuss their service needs. Captains spoke highly of the expert multi-lingual administrative and technical staff that oversee all projects and ensure that whilst their vessel is in the yard, the refit runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. 

  • The services from Astilleros de Mallorca come highly recommended as we hear again and again from Captains every year:

    “Astilleros are fantastic… I’ve used them for 20 years!”
    “Astilleros are highly professional… very good to work with”
    “The standard of work is high and always completed on time”
    “Astilleros are our No.1 choice for any refit works”
    “Astilleros is a really excellent facility.” 

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