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Cayo Largo Marina

Located 21’35.00N - 81’33.95W

Cayo Largo Marina has 95 berths - one large yacht slip up to 150ft LOA – max draft 3.5m.
Larger superyachts can anchor off the marina. Good facilities. 

When arriving by boat, contact dockmaster, Pire (promounced Piri), who will meet you on the water and guide you into the anchorage or dock, then organize all the necessary formalities with you.
Private planes and international flights land at Vilo Acuna International Airport (five minutes’ drive from the marina).

Pire – Yacht Assistance 

Well-connected and highly reliable, English-speaking shoreside support contact to use whilst your yacht is in Cayo Largo. Pire has been working at Cayo Largo Marina as the PR Officer / Harbour Master for over 30 years now. 

Tel: +53 4524 8213 
Cell:  +53  5281 6180  
Email: [email protected] 


Cayo Largo International Scuba Diving Centre (South Coast) 

Diving packages and instructional courses offered. Contact Pire (pronounced ‘Piri’) for information and dive bookings. 

Tel: +(53) 4524 8214
Cell: +(53) 5281 6180
Email: [email protected]



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Cayo Largo Marina
South Coast

: Harbour Master - Pire

: + 53 4524 8214

: [email protected]


VHF Channel

Ch.16/19A - call ‘Marina Cayo Largo’

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