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Customs & Immigration - Carriacou

Yachts arriving in Carriacou from outside the Grenada jurisdiction must first clear in at Tyrell Bay (Mon-Fri) or Hillsborough (weekends) – as official ports of entry into Grenada. 

Any yachts wishing to visit Petite Martinique (PM) must also first clear into Grenada waters at Hillsborough or Tyrell Bay before cruising to PM. 

Pre-arrival Clearance forms can also be filled in online prior to arrival (see website contacts).

Hillsborough Customs & Immigration 


Immigration is located at the police station just across the road from the main dock, and Customs is located within the main town dock complex itself. 

Contacts - Tel: +1 473 443 7840 / 7482

Tyrell Bay Customs & Immigration

Carriacou Marine Boatyard

Tyrell Bay Customs & Immigration is located at the Carriacou Marine complex on the south of Tyrell Bay. 

Contact - Tel: +1 473 443 7273

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