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Villefranche is one of the stops for the train running along this coast, two stops before Monaco. The views from the station are breathtaking. The roads to Villefranche are difficult to negotiate so rail travel is the easy solution.

Villefranche old town is perfect for simply pottering around, getting a bit of exercise climbing the steps that lead to passageways and narrow cobbled roads. The ‘Citadelle’ is an example of early fortification bastion style, and now houses the town hall, museums, auditorium, and an open-air theatre.

The 14th century ‘Rue Obscure’ is a magical place that reveals the medieval atmosphere of Villefranche. Located along the first rampart, it is 130m long and formed the continuity of the parapet walk of the soldiers. It allowed for military movements and facilitated their manoeuvres.

Located in the heart of the town, ‘Eglise St Michel’ was built in the 18th century. The St Michael Church presents a baroque style and houses many treasures.

The 14th century Romanesque-style ‘Chapelle St Pierre’, is attributed to St Peter, the fishermen's patron saint. Georges Cocteau redecorated the Chapelle in 1957 and dedicated it to his friends - the fishermen.

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