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e3 Systems Malta

For 20 years, e3 Systems have been providing the very latest marine electronics to the most advanced yachts in the world. Today, due to the huge growth in demand for communications, their main focus and mission is to provide the best technology to connect people globally.

They are experienced, independent, innovative and technology agnostic. Their ultimate communications solution makes absolute sense. It is called HYBRID and is the perfect synchronization of the most suitable land and satellite communication connections, with the aim of keeping a yacht connected 100% of the time using the most suitable, fastest and cheapest connectivity. Their new website has a couple of very informative videos that explain simply and effectively the HYBRID solution, and everything else that e3 does.

Of all the Captains interviewed for this Guide, it says a lot that e3 Systems were, one again, one of the most consistently highly recommended companies of all yacht services.

This highly recommended group operate companies in Mallorca, Italy, France, Malta and the USA with a global network of over 30 Partners.

The communication services recommended by e3 Systems are all approved after detailed evaluation and trials. These include: VSAT, 3G, 3G+ and 4G LTE in Europe, the Caribbean, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

They provide multi-country, free roaming contract SIMS with monthly allowances of over 200GB with a single APN, single bill, single rate, from one month at a time at the lowest cost in the industry. They can also aggregate data connections into one large connection with IP addresses for different countries.

HYBRID also includes their highly recommended IT and Network service with their data management system ARMMS. The total service is completed with TV and IPTV services together with media services and of course a full support team behind the scenes.

e3 Systems now form part of “The Consortium” which specializes in new builds. Together with Tijssen Elektro and Aage Hempel Crame in Holland, they are working on 11 new builds.

e3 Systems have been appointed as a Certified Partner for yachting by Kymeta Corporation to work on their game changing flat panel satellite antenna project which aims to replace conventional stabilised satellite antennas.

If you follow e3 Systems on twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook you will be kept up to speed with any news and updates.

The following are just a sample of the quotes we received: “e3 are brilliant for our IT Systems” “e3 look after all our communications needs… they’re superb” “We’ve used them for over 10 years… they’re really great” “e3 are very good for ongoing internet access” “e3 look after all our internet / phone contracts… they’re fantastic” “e3 are the best electronics company in the world!”

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