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Erika's Yacht Agents - Mustique

Erika’s Yacht Agents has a dedicated shoreside agent standing by in Mustique.

As part of their Grenadines network of shoreside support services, Erika’s Yacht Agents has a dedicated shoreside agent standing by in Mustique. In fact, all the way from Union through Canouan, Mustique, Bequia and St. Vincent, Erika’s network can handle your needs throughout, keeping your life simple and allowing you to concentrate on your yacht and your guests. 

So there is no need to look any further for a different agent on each Grenadines island; whether for Customs and Immigration clearance paperwork, laundry, co-ordination of deliveries of provisions, flowers or anything else you may need (including spare parts and emergency logistics), Erika’s looks after all the details, stays in touch with you (so that you know the job is being done) then bills you with one single consolidated invoice at the end of your Grenadines itinerary. Erika’s Yacht Agents facilitates speedy transportation of express / emergency items and precious commodities such as fine wines, perishable provisions or delicate flowers from supplier to yacht. So whatever your needs, Erika’s Yacht Agents can make it happen! 

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Britannia Bay
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

: +1 784 485 8335, +1 784 5332 847



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