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Fort Charles

Port Royal

An interesting historical fort to visit (circa 1655). Nelson was stationed here in 1777. 

Close to the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club. 

Fort Charles was the first fortification in Port Royal circa 1655 (and was originally called Fort Cromwell). Within the Fort, are the office and former living quarters of Horatio Nelson who was stationed there in 1777 (at the age of 19) and two years later became commander of the Fort. 

It’s an interesting place to visit, not least to observe its quirky defensive layout (two earthquakes in the last 300 years have radically changed the lie of the land). 

The Fort used to be almost completely surrounded by water in its early history… yet now it is surrounded by land. One can now view the small museum’s collection of artefacts and get a real appreciation of the treasure trove of sub-aqua and subterranean artefacts that the ‘archaeological time capsule’ of Port Royal is still guarding. Well worth a visit when moored at the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club.

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Port Royal
Kingston Bay

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