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Isles des Lérins

Just off the coast of Cannes lie the Isles des Lérins, St-Marguerite the closest to Cannes and St-Honorat. They share a spirit of nature with luxuriant sheltered vegetation and forests of green oak and eucalyptus, some of the oldest in Europe. St.Marguerite has a network of forest trails and a botanical walk will introduce numerous species of Mediterranean plants. The Etang des Batéguiers is home to numerous migratory birds.

The Fort Royal citadel was once a state prison and is most famous for holding the Man with the Iron Mask for 11 years. The Fort houses the Cannes Maritime museum and has an eclectic mix of underwater archaeological finds, many taken from Roman wrecks as well as shipwrecks of a more recent kind. There is also a section devoted to temporary photographic exhibitions. The fort itself, with its ground-floor prison cells, is also worth a visit.

St-Honorat has been the site of a monastery since the beginning of the 5th century. The Cistercian monks, current guardians of the monastery and its history, also grow grapes and produce wines. Each stage, from grafting to harvest is done by hand. Visit St-Honorat to experience the beauty of the site and its sense of serenity.

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