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Trinidad is a really exciting and historic Cuban Town to plan a visit to.

Trinidad is a really exciting and historic Cuban Town to visit, listed as a world UNESCO heritage site. Also home to Las Cuevas Hotel & nightclub, a subterranean late night trendy grotto enjoyed by young local Cubans and tourists alike!

Arguably one of the first permanent settlements to be populated in Cuba (having been founded in 1514). Its roots and historic riches lie in the sugar industry, with the town being an important trading post in association with its nearby sea port. The outer ‘suburbs’ of Trinidad have a pervasive ‘poverty stricken’ feel to them with dust, decay and dilapidation being the order of the day. This gives way to the old historic centre of the town which, in stark contrast, has some wonderful edifices, churches and charming hostelries – all lined with cobbled stone streets. 

Artists, musicians and local crafters alike are abundant here; and as the sun goes down, the music and dancing starts to throng into the charming Plaza Mayor. Visitors can choose to stay in an official Government hotel or can choose from any one of about 600 ‘private houses’.

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