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Boat-building at Windward & Harvey Vale

The craftsmen who still build traditional wooden working boats and regatta sloops using local white cedar timbers continue to represent the true passion of traditional Caribbean sea-farers. Alwin Enoe is one of Windward’s most prolific boat-builders, and he has built and launched some of the most successful boats in recent times. 

The Carriacou Regatta - in its glory days - was one of the original and most prestigious of the Caribbean regatta events. It has nurtured a breed of boat builders who have, by default, modified and improved a continuing genesis of their working boat designs to produce some fine and powerfully fast contemporary sloops (by traditional wooden boat standards). 

Any island tour should include a visit to this area, and your guide will be able to tell you which boats are currently under construction. 

Award winning film ‘Vanishing Sail' by Indian Creek Films, is a captivating documentary on this age old Caribbean tradition - well worth watching.  

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