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La Grotte Azzura

Capri's Blue Grotto is known for its size, the intense blue tones of its interior and the magical silvery light. The entrance to the Grotta Azzurra is formed by a small natural opening in the rocky wall, roughly 2 metres wide and 2 metres high. In order to enter the Grotta Azzurra, visitors climb aboard small rowing boats, lying on the bottom of the boat, enter the low and narrow mouth of the cave. The interior is suffused with magnificent blue tones; the vault, or Duomo Azzurro, has an average height of 7 m rising to 14 m towards the back of cave. Go early in the morning (before the crowds from Naples arrive) and wait for a sunny day so you'll get the renowned but elusive blue effect inside the cave!

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Isola Capri

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