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Birdy Dive - Island Diving


This professional IDC 5 Star Scuba Diving Centre in St. Barth’s is run by charismatic Birdy who has been diving professionally since 1989! As former owner of St. Barth Plongée for 29 years, now called Island Diving, Birdy has supervised a massive 10,000+ dives in St. Barth’s – introducing and welcoming back approximately 25-30,000 people to the beautiful underwater dive sites St. Barth’s has to offer. 

Moreover, they offer more than just diving experiences. Birdy and his team offer snorkeling outings, where you can explore the island's vibrant marine life. You can even enjoy pilates and yoga sessions to help you relax and rejuvenate right on their boats, combining the best of both worlds.

But that's not all! Island Diving also sells its snorkeling equipment and rashguards for your convenience.

With a fleet of five boats, they offer you a range of options. The newest addition to their collection is Alize X. This historical 35' boat stands as a testament to maritime heritage, reminiscent of the vessel favored by Rockefeller for his voyages from Gustavia to Colombier

Plus… plus… plus… plus” is how highly one captain rated Birdy’s diving services, and more of this captain’s quotes really back up the fantastic positive feedback we pick up for this outgoing and enthusiastic guy each year: 
  • I had him do a PADI resort course and a dive for our clients. They loved the experience and they
    loved him. He is well presented and on time
Indeed, if you or your guests have ever thought of diving, but never knew how or where to start, this is most certainly THE man to come to! 
Birdy works with many high profile yachts and his incredible return rate tells the story best of all! He uses his wonderfully sensitive nature to listen and improve how he'll be able to help every new diver. He's an extremely personal and sensitive instructor, really into 'mental relaxation' for people who are unsure, scared or just need a little help. For those that need it, he'll be there to accompany you with the most personalized 'one to one' diving experience one could wish for (children included). 
As a qualified PADI Instructor, Birdy offers a full range of courses, like ‘rendez-vous' diving in Colombier and for more experienced divers, a custom tour of any of the top dive sites around the island aboard his custom (solid boat) designed 35ft. boat (with Bimini and 'flipper friendly' boarding ladder) 
Formerly called “St Barth Plongée”, Birdy decided to change his company name to “Island Diving” in order for it to match with his new goal : bring divers not only to St. Barth’s amazing dive sites, but also to Statia and Saba on wonderful diving trips! 
Birdy has always been concerned by the decrease of our oceans biodiversity, he has seen it with his own eyes over the years ! This lead him to support Coral Restoration St Barth, a local organization fighting to protect and restore the island’s coral reefs and all of the marine life they support. He does what he can to help, like taking the team out on dives to follow the evolution of the coral they’ve reimplanted over different sites. 
And since fishing restrictions have been implemented on the island by the territorial environment agency rangers, get ready to dive into an underwater zoo filled with life! So go and meet Birdy for a chance to discover these underwater treasures, you won’t be disappointed !!

"We like quality, not quantity 
Better to see fish than divers 
Please bring your own rash guard, 
Sun screen kill corals"


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Collectivity wharf
Dock no. 29
Gustavia Harbour
Saint Barthélemy

: Bertrand Caizergues or Birdy

: +590 690 419 666

: [email protected]


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I had Birdy do a PADI resort course and a dive for our clients. They loved the experience and they loved him. He is well presented and on time.

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