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"Just call Anne and she will find a way
to help you!"

Anne Carson from Super Yacht Services Falmouth UK has huge professional experience in the Superyacht Industry, having worked on some of the best known yachts in various capacities as a chef and a purser. Her career on board motor and sailing yachts with extensive sea miles mean she is superbly qualified to support the needs of both owners and crew, and yachts whilst in UK waters. 

Based in Falmouth - Cornwall, with not only great local knowledge, and organisational skills, but excellent connections in the U.K, Med and Caribbean, Anne's Super Yacht Services Company can support and guide you, especially with what can seem like endless logistics, or last minute changes of plan!  

This year to date, Anne has seen a large number of yachts pass through the south west and UK waters.

She works hard at ensuring there is good communication between all parties involved welcoming vessels to Falmouth - from the Harbourmaster, marinas & Shipyard personnel, to the Falmouth Pilot Boat Arrow, to local provisioning companies and marina slipways - used to launch refitted tenders. It is true team spirit that makes for successful visits, and most important yachts wanting to return! 

Miles Carden - CEO of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners 

Miles Carden, Chief Executive of Falmouth Harbour is incredibly supportive of visiting superyachts, and works with Anne to facilitate arrivals and welcome all yachts to this beautiful Harbour, which incidentally together with Carrick Roads is the third deepest harbour in the world!

Miles has commented, "Superyachts are an incredibly important part of our business at Falmouth Harbour and visits have pretty big impacts to the Town of Falmouth and the wider economy. We work hard with partners like Anne Carson at Superyacht Services Falmouth to make these visits run smoothly."

She has even had to stock large superyachts at anchor from a tender - challenging at the best of times let alone the varying tides added into the equation!



"Nothing is too much trouble..."

"When I was introduced to Anne, and Super Yacht Services, the support that she provided
went above and beyond all our expectations."

"May I take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your extremely professional
and efficient service during our stop over. You looked after us wonder



Super Yacht Services Falmouth UK Ltd is a proud AYSS Member


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