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SailGP #Race for the Future - Sport has the Power to Change the World

Caroline Blatter

SailGP Season 3 starts this Saturday 14th May on the iconic waters of the Great Sound, in beautiful Bermuda, known for its near perfect sailing conditions. A yacht friendly welcoming island with sheltered deep-water harbours. 

Bermuda's Great Sound from the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Ten Teams compete in Ten Event Races 

Ten teams are competing in ten event races over 12 months, for Season 3 – including new franchises Canada and Switzerland, with returning nations Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.

Australia were SailGP Champions for Season 2 for a second successive year, beating Japan and the United States in the Grand Final on a crazy, incident-filled Sunday in late March 2022 in San Francisco. 

New Zealand took home the top prize in SailGP’s ‘Podium for the Planet’, with a cash donation for Live Ocean’s marine conservation work. The trophy marks a first in sport, where athletes and teams are rewarded for positive environmental and sustainable actions in a league running parallel to the main sailing championship.

Team Nz won Podium for the Planet 

SailGP Director of Purpose & Impact Fiona Morgan said: “Sport has the opportunity to play a critical role in educating people around the climate crisis. Awarding the first winners of the Impact League is a very proud moment for SailGP, and proof that sustainability can be embedded in the fabric of sport. 


SailGP CEO Sir Russell Coutts said: “From our inception, we have made it clear that our ambition is to be a truly global championship, with some of the world's most iconic waterfront cities as our backdrop. Season 3 now spans four continents, our vision is becoming a reality."

Season 3 Locations & Calendar 

  1. Event 1 - Bermuda SGP - 14/15th May 2022
  2. Event 2 - Chicago, USA SGP - 18/19th June 2022
  3. Event 3 - Plymouth, Great Britain SGP - 30/31st July 2022
  4. Event 4 - Rockwool Denmark SGP - 19/20th August 2022
  5. Event 5 - Saint Tropez, France SGP - 10/11th September 2022
  6. Event 6 - Cadiz, Spain SGP - 24/25th September 2022
  7. Event 7 - Dubai SGP - 12/13th November 2022
  8. Event 8 - Singapore SGP - 14/15th January 2023
  9. Event 9 - Christchurch, New Zealand SGP - 18/19th March 2023
  10. Event 10 - San Fransisco, USA SGP - 6/7th May 2023

How SailGp Scoring Works

The SailGP scoring system is very simple, with points awarded for races and events both working towards crowning the SailGP Champion. 
At each SailGP event, there are five fleet races before the winner-takes-all Final determines the champion of that particular event.
The event leaderboard totals all the points the teams have scored throughout the event, with the three highest ranking teams at the end of the five fleet races qualifying for The Final.

Once The Final has finished, the winner is declared Event Champion. This team is awarded 10 points in the Championship Leaderboard.
The teams who did NOT qualify for The Final are then awarded points in the Championship Leaderboard relating to their ranking in the event leaderboard.

The Championship Leaderboard is added to after each event, with the highest ranked teams at the end of the season qualifying for the Grand Final. The winner of the Grand Final is crowned champion of the SailGP Championship.

Deep  Dive 

To Listen to SailGP Deep Dive Podcast - follow this link

SailGP have now released the first episode of Deep Dive, a sports punditry podcast taking fans behind the scenes of every aspect of its upcoming third season...
Jose Garnes, Head of Content at SailGP said: “For SailGP Season 3, we want to make SailGP more accessible to our fans and bring them unique news and insights."

Deep Dive is hosted by SailGP’s international broadcast commentators and world-class sailors Stevie Morrison and David ‘Freddie’ Carr. As professional sailors, they bring a unique insight and knowledge of the sport and its stars, having raced alongside and against many of SailGP’s world-class athletes. Garnes commented, "I know they will bring the perfect combination of knowledge and banter to allow our listeners to deep dive into every Grand Prix.”

"These boats are insane!"

Canadian sailors went on quite a ride, sailing on the F50's at the SailGP Season 2 Grand Final in San Francisco in March, to understand more of these impressive race machines!


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Information and images shared from the SailGP. 

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