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Confused by International Travel Entry requirements...look no further! 

Caroline Blatter

Sherpa is a travel information start-up company whose mission is to help travellers move freely around the world...

For those travelling internationally, whether for work or pleasure, we are living in a time of ever changing rules and protocols for entry into different countries, with COVID and Visa requirements. 

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sherpa is an independent resource, not sponsored by, affiliated with or funded by any government agency. The platform provides a single touch-point guide to getting the right travel documentation and understanding the latest up-to-date travel regulations, with an easy to navigate and understand format, for International Travel Entry requirements. It truly offers a wealth of up-to-date information

Check which international destinations are open for travel by levels of restrictions — from no restrictions, COVID-19 testing and quarantine measures to restricted borders. 

Sherpa also provides a single touchpoint for all visa information for your citizenship, across all destinations, with easy application for those visas - on desktop or mobile!

So 'Where's open and What's Required?' Click on the image below to get started...