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The changing roles of Yacht Services Agents


We highlight & appreciate the work of YACHT SERVICES AGENTS around the world, who continue to support Yachts, Captains and Crew particularly these last 18 months during the most challenging of times.

For some agents, it has been an incredibly busy time with increased volumes of work, yet we acknowledge for other Agents in countries with strict lockdowns and border closures, it has been an incredibly hard time, with a lack of yacht traffic.

This is NOT a competition 'to find the best yacht agent', as we don't believe one can ever do that, this is not a contest.
We would like YOU as businesses, yacht managers, captains and crew, to appreciate the work various agents may have done for you, in different regions of the world, by leaving them a say Thank you! 
The work of an agent can be considered by some to be a 'luxury' for the bigger yachts - an extra cost that may not be necessary: 'Do we really need help provisioning, or filling in arrival documents? Surely we can do this ourselves?'
Indeed many yachts manage without ever using an agent, but since early 2020, in various parts of the world, the Yacht Agent's scope has changed and expanded enormously, offering peace of mind, and support to Captains and senior crew under intense pressure.
More yachts of different sizes are now needing the help of agents, working together as a team to ensure smooth transits and the running of each unique yacht schedule.
We know you RECOMMEND Yacht Services Agents to us, and each other...


  • The latest COVID travel advice by land or sea
  • Updated country protocols
  • Legal requirements of BREXIT often with layers of bureaucracy and paperwork for yachts in the Eu
  • Forms and communications with local authorities, who often don't understand yachts
  • Rapid Antigen & PCR Tests on board
  • Vaccine passports and paperwork for crew and guests travelling
  • To support crew isolating or trying to return home
  • The simplicity of a friendly face, a voice on the end of the phone, understanding the challenges and pressures yacht crew are under
  • Urgent help at a moment's notice - yachts during busy season or on charter work 24/7, they need agent support and contacts they can call anytime!
  • The help with fuelling, provisions, spare parts, crew changes, and at one point in 2020...even loo paper! 




The Association of Yacht Support Services 

BWA Yachting 


Thank you ...we know how much they appreciate your support.