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Mandarin Oriental and St. Vincent & The Grenadines Protocol for Entry

Caroline Blatter

Mandarin Oriental Canouan Resort Protocols

Period between arrival and rapid antigen test result:

Guests are required to remain in their accommodation until the first negative rapid antigen test result is received or as indicated by the Port Health Officer.

Period between negative rapid antigen test and RT-PCR test results:

After receiving negative rapid antigen test results and before receiving RT-PCR test results, guests will be able to enjoy:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a dedicated restaurant.
  • Limited access to tennis and golf. The assigned Butler will assist coordinating activities.
  • Housekeeping service once daily whilst guests have unoccupied their accommodation.
  • A dedicated beach area until negative RT-PCR test results are received.

Guests will need to refrain from leisure attractions such as spa, fitness centre, pool, excursions, non-motorized watersports and all dining facilities (excluding dedicated restaurant) until RT-PCR test results are received or as indicated by the Port Health Officer. Tests are administered and processed at the resort and results take between 1 to 2 hours.

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Period between negative RT-PCR test results and end of stay or as cleared by the Port Health Officer:

  • Upon receiving negative RT-PCR tests results, guests will be able to fully enjoy all resort facilities and leisure attractions at Mandarin Oriental, Canouan, Canouan Estate Resort & Villas, and Soho Beach House.
  • To comply with Bubble Resort protocols, guest transportation between Mandarin Oriental, Canouan, Canouan Estate Resort & Villas, and Soho Beach House should be conducted without interruption, stops or picking up other guests along the way. An uninterrupted end-to-end transfer is mandatory.

All guests in quarantine will be given a wristband to be worn upon arrival. Wristbands are not required for guests that have received their negative RT-PCR test result.

Frequently Asked Questions

If guests are travelling with others of the same party but have travelled from different locations, are they able to quarantine together?

Guests can only quarantine together if they have travelled from the same location on the same day otherwise, they will need to start the process again from the beginning should one or two persons test positive.

Does this protocol also relate to the dedicated quarantine restaurant and enjoying the beach, tennis or golf?

Yes, guests from different households or parties will not be able to dine or gather until they have all received their negative RT-PCR test result.

If guests are travelling with another household/party located in the room next door, are they able to have the interconnecting doors open during quarantine?

Yes, the interconnecting doors can be open during the stay whilst in quarantine.

If guests are travelling with another household/party located in a non-interconnecting room, will they be able to gather in their room whilst in quarantine?

Guests will only be allowed to gather if all guests part of the same household/party are in quarantine together. If all parties agree, please note that quarantine requirements may reset if one or two persons test positive.

Where will the RT-PCR test be administered?

Both rapid antigen and RT-PCR tests will be administered in guests’ accommodations

What happens after having received negative RT-PCR test results?

Upon receiving the negative RT-PCR test result and completing the required quarantine period (if travelling from very high risk countries), guests will be able to use all of the resort’s facilities and enjoy leisure attractions including being able to leave the resort to explore the island at the discretion of the medical physician. Please note that the designated quarantine restaurant will not be accessible to guests after receiving a second negative test result.

With our resort being home to a collection of elegant colonial-style suites, chic Italian-design Patio Villas, and spacious Lagoon Villas, social distancing is effortlessly achieved throughout an impeccable 1,200-acre property. Enjoying a private hillside location, all villas overlook the resort on the northern part of Canouan Island and offer the luxurious solution to harmonious social distancing. These tranquil villas are the ultimate in stylish indoor/outdoor accommodation with private infinity pools for an idyllic tropical island getaway.

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