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MY Nero "bin the bottle" & go 100% tap - #clearoceanpact!

Caroline Blatter

...The 90m modern classic motor yacht NERO, with +20 crew, have chosen to "bin the bottle" and go 100% tap for all their crew drinking water requirements!

- Photo by Stuart Pearce | Yacht Photography -

#ClearOceanPact Q & A - with thanks to Richard Orme & Capt. MY Nero

1. What was the consumption of plastic water bottles on board before the conversion to a fix water filtration system?

"We have 19 crew and we use between 1-2 large water bottles each, it's complicated because in summer smaller bottles get used more so conservatively we used about 30 large bottles and up to 50 small and large bottles."

2. What is the estimated cost saving of going tap water only?

"The system cost 5000 euro and “will” pay for itself in 4 months.

But if you count man hours used for shopping, loading, storing, stocking fridges and disposing of the extra garbage, the dollar number is probably closer between 1-2 months. 

Then taking into account the locker space free’d up by not needing (7 days x 19 crew x 1.5 bottles =  200 bottles a week is huge"

3. What system did you opt for and why? 

"We chose a “Quatreau” system, this system also includes a boiling hot water tap and so along with the COLD, AMBIENT and SPARKLING we’ve reduced the need for a kettle on the countertop" 

4. Any difficulties you've faced in installing the system?

"This Quatreau has 2 units that need to be installed under the counter. this is awkward but considering the lockers full of bottles its still a huge saving in space".

5. What are the added maintenance or service checks you've had to adopt (if any)?

"A ship of our size is used to having a fresh water management plan on board, we have a weekly water testing regime, we super chlorinate the water tanks every 6 months, we have a silver ion anodes system, we have a UV lamp and I’ve installed 3 filters before the sink tap to be doubly sure.  These filters also correct the mineral content and flavour."

6. What has been the reaction from the crew?

"The crew asked me to install it, some are hesitant to trust the water made on board but if they aren’t given a choice and things are made easy then they will all ultimately be onboard with it - the majority of crew love the idea."