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9th Annual IMG Charity Golf Open

Caroline Blatter

The 9th Annual Integrated Marine Group Charity Golf Open was held last week at the stunning Waitamata Golf Club, Devonport, Auckland. 

Under clear skies & sunshine, 12 teams of 4 players played some ‘serious’ and ‘not so serious golf’ on this 18 hole course with well established park like trees, shrubs and water features. 

Whilst raising over USD 2000 for this year’s chosen charity, the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust, (a leading authority on the critically endangered Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphins), Superyacht Captains, Crew and local Marine industry professionals were given the perfect excuse to take a day away from the busy marinas, offices and shipyards of Auckland.

It was a day of light hearted fun and great hospitality; well done to all the teams, generous sponsors & Integrated Marine.

Winners for 2017 were White Refrigeration, 2nd place SY Silvertip and 3rd MY Reliance with ENL (Electronic Navigation Ltd).

Integrated Marine are based in Auckland & come consistently well recommended to us by Yacht Captains. They offer a complete range of services expected to meet the most demanding requirements of refit, repair and maintenance aboard Superyachts and Expedition vessels. With a highly experienced knowledgeable staff led by Mark Wightman & Alison Walker, Integrated Marine has a ‘make it happen attitude’ and are one of the key companies in New Zealand; with the America’s Cup now heading to this part of the world, companies like this are going to get booked up and busy!

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