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#LIFEONBOARD - Supporting the people who work to make everything happen.

Caroline Blatter

What was it that brought you here? Was it the images of the glitz and the glam, the promise of luxury and big money, great regattas & wild parties, the freedom and adventure at sea?

We all have our story of how we got here and why we’ve stayed in the yachting industry, which is more often driven by excellence, dedication to hard work, the love of the ocean, discovering new places, and the friends who have become like family.

Some days we’re riding the waves of adrenaline, then other days it’s tough. 

It’s not always the tropical cocktails, posing in sarongs as the sun goes down anchored off white sandy lagoons that the media and society portray!

“Yachts are not Instagram posts, they are homes for their owners and crew - they are demanding workplaces, they are real life, and they expose emotional vulnerabilities.” 
Capt. Brendan O’Shannassy

Thanks to collaboration with ISWAN, and their new yachting helpline Yacht Crew Help, and She of the Sea, we realise more than ever, the importance of sharing real-life images, encouraging and supporting those working in the yachting and superyacht industry at grass roots level.

As many of you know, our Superyacht Services Guides remain trusted sources of information, listing Recommended Services around the world, with images of destinations, services, yachts and their crew.

We want to support the people who work to make everything happen. 

So, we invite you to join us for #LIFEONBOARD to celebrate and share the triumphs, challenges, and everyday realities of our journeys in yachting. 

Send us your IMAGES – celebrating #inclusion, #diversity, #resilience… so with your permission, we have some real images of #LIFEONBOARD, to represent the industry and yachting community in our printed Guides, and online. 
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We are all in this together. Now, more than ever, it is important to remember to reach out, talk, listen and connect with each other. Like our physical wellbeing and health, our minds and hearts need taking care of too.

Stay safe & well,

Caroline Blatter



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