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Stanfords                                                                         Bluewtare Books & Charts

Our five regional Superyacht Services Guides offer personal recommendations from hundreds of professional yacht Captains and crew. If it is connecting with one of the world’s top electronic specialists in Palma, playing golf on one of the Caribbean’s finest courses, finding a Superyacht Marina in Mexico, taking a cooking class in old town Nice, finding a wonderful Yacht Services agent in Newport, or contacting a Global Rig Servicing provider … these Guides have it all!
This wealth of information is a compilation of professional yacht Captain’s personal recommendations, 'fast tracking' yachtsmen to the most reliable, efficient and effective Marine Services and yachting contacts available all around the world. Our Guides are published annually according to the regions listed below.

What professional Captains & Crew say about our guides....
"Your guide is our 'life-saver'...wherever we happen to be. All our crew call it their 'Bible'! ".
"We can't thank you enough for putting together such an amazing and incredibly useful guide".
"Your guide is THE Guide for the industry - I can't tell you how much we rely on it, in ALL the places we visit!". 
"Thanks again for your guide - it is arguably the most useful book on board!".

The Caribbean Guide is split into 2 separate volumes – for the Northern and Southern Caribbean. These 2 Guides will help 'fast track' Captains to the very best services available on each island throughout the Caribbean, from the Bahamas to Trinidad, and on to Panama.


Caribbean Vol 1 - The Northern Caribbean  
                                                 Caribbean Vol 2 - The Southern Caribbean 
The Bahamas to St.Maarten, St. Barths to Montserrat                                    Antigua & Barbuda to Trinidad to Panama 
Buy Now From Bluewater Books / Stanfords                                              Buy Now From Bluewater Books / StanfordsThe 2016 Superyacht Services Guide to the Mediterranean

Mediterranean  Buy Now From Bluewater Books / Stanfords
This is an essential guide for all yachts spending time in Western Mediterranean waters, covering the regions of Gibraltar, Tunisia, Spain and The Balearic Islands, The French Atlantic Coast, the French Riviera / Cote D’Azur and Corsica, Monaco, Italy and Malta. There are also additional chapters for The Azores, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey.

The 2016 Superaycht Services Guide to North America

North America  Buy Now From  Bluewater Books / Stanfords
This Guide helps 'fast track' yachtsmen to the very best services available in each coastal State heading north up the East Coast of America, from Florida in the south to Southwest Harbor in Maine, including the islands of the Bahamas and Bermuda. On the West Coast we have recommended Services from Los Suenos in Costa Rica, through Mexico, along the West Coast of America and Canada to Alaska!

 The 2016/17 Superaycht Services Guide to the Pacific, Asia & Middle East

Pacific, Asia & Middle East    Buy Now From  Bluewater Books  / Stanfords
In researching many of the industry’s top professional Captains, we have created an 'Inside Guide' of their own recommended services for Panama, The Pacific coast of the Americas & Alaska, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the Indian Ocean & the Middle East...some well known places, others more off the beaten track. Through Captain's requests, we have included our special ' Gobal Services Providers' chapter, for those services that deliver wherever a yacht is located in the world!

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