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BUPA Global / Antigua Yacht Club

The Antigua Yacht Club has negotiated a new benefit for its members with BUPA Global. The scheme was established in the 2011/12 season and is now fully operational. AYC members can obtain a 10% discount on their annual health insurance premiums. For most AYC members, the saving is worth a good bit, more than their annual AYC subscription. Although the scheme is sponsored by the AYC, participants become direct, private members of BUPA Global. The plan is built on BUPA’s comprehensive ‘Lifeline’ policies. Members can choose between three levels of cover – from ‘Gold’, which covers just about everything, ‘Classic’ which is still very comprehensive, to the less expensive ‘Essential’ which largely restricts cover to in-patient treatment. This does however, cover day surgery and anything to do with cancer, post diagnosis. The insurance is worldwide although the premium is higher for cover in the US.  ‘Evacuation’ or ‘Repatriation’ options can be added to ensure that if necessary you will be flown by air ambulance to somewhere with excellent medical facilities. For larger yachts with central administration, BUPA has a dedicated Maritime Plan for professional crew. This gives comprehensive medical cover, worldwide. As with all BUPA policies, this also gives you access to free 24hr expert medical opinion. The crew policy includes air ambulance evacuation to the closest centre of medical excellence - if that is necessary. Maritime Plan rates are very competitive, currently less than $1200US pa (excluding USA) and $2300 (including USA) per crewmember. BUPA has now introduced a new 'individual' maritime policy, where sailors can enjoy the benefits of the excellent health claims history of those involved in sailing. If you are a sailing professional, who moves between boats, as most do, this can make a lot of sense. You retain full cover 'between boats' and this can be especially important. A claims history can lead to insurers excluding cover for claimed conditions on re-application, if you were, say, to join a new job or command. Avoiding breaks in cover, by having a transportable 'individual Maritime policy' removes this concern. Call the Antigua Yacht Club for more information, or get in touch direct with AYC member, David Cadogan, who has the details. 

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