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North Sails – Antigua

North Sails - managed by Andrew Dove - are firmly planted on the map in Antigua, having taken over the main sail loft at Antigua Sails in English Harbour 8 years ago... doubling the staff, with a highly experienced team, including a dedicated ‘Customer Service Manager’. Andrew Dove, the manager of North Sails for the entire Caribbean, is really at the cutting edge of the latest sailmaking technologies.

They pride themselves in ‘getting it right, first time’ and last season saw them supplying new sails for a whole range of high profile Superyachts - along with full suits of sails for 3 sailing cruise ships of 180m LOA (a total of 23 sails!). Their work includes quoting for an ever increasing number of custom built new sails, for yachts over 100' - in 3DL, Carbon Aramids, Spectra and Dacron - with titanium sail fittings, as required. Their works also include full 'flow analysis' in order to optimise the whole design process.

They can organize measuring and supplying their full range of sails, and are only too happy to help out / advise with any repairs or other enquiries one might have. In addition, seasonal specialist sailmakers from North Sails worldwide assist during peak times to ensure a quick turnaround sail repair service.

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