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With Norway’s incredible scenery of mountains, fjords & islands; Sweden’s long coastline and culture; Finland’s Midnight Sun and snowy Lapland, and Denmark’s 400 islands and diverse natural beauty – a visit to Scandinavia is seriously inspirational. For those who love the outdoors, clean pure air, less crowded anchorages & serene beauty, yachts exploring the Baltic Sea in the short Scandinavian summer will find the area green and blossoming - days are long and it never gets really dark at this time of the year!  

Services in Scandinavia are keen to welcome yachts and open this area further as a Superyacht destination in its own right.

The Scandinavian Peninsula is the largest peninsula of Europe with about one quarter lying north of the Arctic Circle. With areas that are sparsely populated, a yacht can feel truly adventurous visiting this region. 

Denmark has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from its northern European neighbours; with 406 islands, 7314 km of coastline and you are never more than 30 miles from the sea! 

Denmark has cosmopolitan cities with culture and history, classic and cutting-edge design and architecture, quaint ‘off-the-beaten-path’ villages, fairytale castles and centuries-old monuments. The landscape varies from mighty sand dunes, wide-open seascapes to heather heaths and downs, and woodland inlets. 

In most regards, Denmark is recognized internationally by its social balance, equality, low levels of corruption, transparency, universal welfare services and high minimum wages.

Copenhagen, the largest city in Denmark, has repeatedly been recognized as having the best quality of life of any in the world. 

Norway’s treasures lie in a collection of fjords that are awe inspiring & humbling; two of which have been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With high mountains, glistening glaciers, rugged cliffs & spectacular waterfalls, and for with those lucky enough …catching glimpses of seals basking on rocks! 

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the Fjords enjoy a mild climate & are virtually ice free. The southwest coastal city of Bergen is considered the ‘gateway to the fjords’, with international connections yet a deep heritage of history & culture, its colourful wooden buildings so characteristic of Bergen.

There is adventure on land and sea, Norway is an outdoor lovers paradise, with incredible hiking, salmon fishing, Ocean fishing, kayaking, dog sledging – lower fuel prices (Norway is not a member of the Eu) and the safety & security issues facing many other European countries.

Picturesque Capital city Oslo offers a diverse contrast with a café culture, a cityscape brimming with flourishing gardens, cultural delights and a fine dining capital.

Sweden offers everything from cosmopolitan cities & medieval towns to incredible wilderness, archipelagos of islands, diverse coastlines, fishing excursions & the unparalleled peace & quiet of the secluded inland regions with its stunning countryside & fascinating wildlife.

Sweden’s waterfront capital city of Stockholm is spread across 14 different islands and criss-crossed by 50 bridges! It sits where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Malaren, is full of open spaces, outdoor cafes & funky bars, boats 70 museums and has a myriad of neighbourhoods, from the Medieval quarter of Gamia Stan to the elegant Ostermalm area. 

Finally, Finland is another unique destination, with a patchwork of lakes, archipelagos and dramatic wilderness, all buzzing with outdoor activity in the Summer; from white water rafting & canoeing, fishing & vast expanses of forests, outdoor saunas, the northern regions of Lapland to the beautiful cultural capital city of Helsinki & its wonderful cruising ground.

This capital city boasts one of the world’s highest standards of living, with open-air markets, chic boutiques & world-class museums.

Turku in the south is an idyllic yachting base, for tranquility, first class restaurants & musical concerts, as well as cruising some of the 6,500 islands in the delightful Aland Island group.

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