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About Urk

This Information has been recommended to us by yacht crew with a yacht in refit at Balk Shipyard.

It is one of the most interesting villages on the Noordoostpolder, a burgeoning harbour, shipyard and fishing port, where a series of narrow lanes and tiny terraced houses, indicate the extent of the old village before it grew in size. Urk has a great history, charming shops, museums, and the beach, harbour and pool are all within walking distance. 

It is worth being aware of that Urk still observes strict Sunday traditions and customs; as a mainly Catholic community, it is best to not even drive a car on a Sunday, residents cycle everywhere. Many offices and shops open after 2pm on Monday, and lunch breaks are observed during the week generally between 1-2pm. 

We also heard that many supermarkets only accept Maestro cards or cash (no visa or master cards). Amsterdam is an hour away by car, and the town of Lelystad about 30 mins.

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