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Colorativa came highly recommended to us as a bespoke print media firm; for their very professional yet personal communications skills.  Run by the charismatic Mizja Haak, they create, produce and co-publish bespoke books, catalogues, guides, magazines and portfolios of all sizes and quantities. What they specialise in is producing what the client wants!

Using 21st century techniques & visionary innovations, they are continuing an ancient old craft. They work with a small and elite group of triple star print houses who are equipped and licensed to work with their premium colour system Colorativa-HDRP. 

Furthermore they can provide an extended network of suppliers from photographers to (hand) book binders. Bringing all these dedicated craftsmen together, Mizja manages to excel in producing some of the finest possible print quality found today.  

He works with internationally known publishers and self publishing photographers and designers in hugely diverse fields; from Architecture & Art to Haute Couture, Food, Travel & Superyachts!

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