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About Anguilla

Anguilla rates as one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean, frequented by few, yet lovingly enjoyed by those that do. It is an island where nature still holds onto its treasures... and with 33 stunningly beautiful beaches and a choice of excellent anchorages and off-lying islands to take the boat to whilst on charter, Anguilla is a really reliable destination to include on any itinerary for guests or owners.

Anguilla also maintains an element of exclusivity allowing high-end clients to feel at ease and enjoy the peace and privacy of the island with discretion. To this end, Anguilla has developed into one of the most exclusive and select destinations in the Caribbean, with a handful of up-market resorts that are welcoming to the patronage of discerning Superyacht clientele.

They also have well recommended yacht agents to assist with clearance in Anguilla who can handle all your customs and immigration formalities prior to the yacht’s arrival and then look after all the yacht’s continuing needs throughout its stay in Anguilla (see ‘Yacht Services’ section). Beyond this, there are recommended health spas for yachting guests that would surely rate amongst some of the very best, anywhere worldwide; and some delightful restaurants where one can step ashore to enjoy their culinary delights and a change of scenery.

Finally Anguilla is the home of Bankie Banx, the ultimate ‘Rasta dude’, who will entertain guests, owners and crew alike with some of the best Caribbean / reggae music at his spectacularly unique 'Dune Preserve' beach bar. Hosting an annual ‘Moonsplash’ reggae extravaganza each March / April, and putting on some excellent occasional concerts by internationally famous artists… the Dune Preserve is another one of those stops on the Caribbean circuit “that you just have to make”, as there is simply nowhere else like it!

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