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The Middle East is where history and civilisation as we know it almost began; it is the heart and soul of this magic land: from the flagstones of old Roman roads, to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the carved temples and tombs of Pharaohs, colourful bazaars, coffee shops and narrow winding streets… it is where humans first built cities and where some of the world’s religions arose: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

Situated on the old spice route midway between Europe and Asia (‘Middle East’) and perfectly set as a Winter destination for the ‘Med -set’, this part of the world beckons private and charter yachts to be adventurous! Cruise this area from the Red Sea south to the Indian Ocean idylls to spend Christmas and New Year in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Seychelles, Mauritius, the clear waters of the Gulf of Oman and the natural wonders of the Musandam Peninsular.

For most the UAE means just one place - Dubai! However, the UAE is a diverse mosaic of states, each with its own character and allure. Well known for its iconic skyscrapers, palm shaped islands, shopping malls the sizes of cities, indoor ski slopes, palatial beach resorts, flat water and predictable winds for watersports, Dubai does make for a memorable stop for guests and crew alike: there’s the Dubai International Boat Show held annually in Feb/ March, and the elite Supercar Promenade which runs concurrently - a unique opportunity to view the world’s most exclusive cars and luxury lifestyles. Then there’s the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November at the Yas Marina Circuit, an awe-inspiring experience for drivers and spectators alike in an exclusive waterfront setting. It is the Middle East’s biggest international sporting event, showing Abu Dhabi at its most glamorous. 

There are a few marinas with superyacht facilities in this whole region, most attached to a luxury hotel resort, thus offering gym & fitness facilities, dockside dining and even a golf course! 

Finally, we are very aware of the security concerns for vessels in this area, which is why the security/protection services that have been recommended are worth contacting. 

Immigration, visas and permits can seem daunting, but we have been recommended outstanding yacht services agents, who can guide you through the paperwork challenges. It is helpful if you contact a yacht services agent as soon as an itinerary is announced, so they have plenty of notice to find the right solution for each yacht and her crew.

Please contact us with any services that you feel deserve to be listed, we always appreciate hearing from you.

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