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Uniquely positioned on the cruising route between North America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, the sheltered deep-water harbours of Bermuda have provided a safe haven and convenient stop for vessels on passage in the North Atlantic for hundreds of years. The Bermudians are extremely friendly and always willing to help or welcome your vessel. They will also be hosting the 2017 Americas Cup, so there is a buzz of activity to upgrade current facilities and new developments to accommodate the Cup.

As early as April each year, yachts start arriving in Bermuda waters on their way to the US, Canada or Europe. By mid June the number of ‘yachts in transit’ starts to slow, just as the race season begins. Several races and rallies come to Bermuda in the summer, including the famous Newport – Bermuda race with entries of up to 200 yachts; The Marion Bermuda race which alternates with Newport; Daytona Bermuda race; the ARC Europe and several others. Bermuda has also become a popular spot for the big game fishing boats coming from the US to fish for the big marlins in the Triple Crown fishing tournament in July. In the fall, the yachts start arriving in October and continue through Christmas on their way south to the Caribbean. Meanwhile come springtime, the humpback whale congregate off the south shore of the island on their way migrating north.

There are several things that make Bermuda such an attractive destination for yachts. Firstly, Bermuda boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world… and together with their combination of friendly people, beautiful beaches, first class golf courses and excellent services; continue to make Bermuda a logical stop in one’s cruising itinerary. Indeed, there are a growing number of yachts now choosing to stay and cruise the waters here, with many beautiful and safe anchorages to explore. The international airport has daily flights to major US cities as well as daily flights to the UK… and in the summer, Bermuda has several world class events, including art and film festivals, jazz festivals and various great music concerts.

The island is also a very popular destination for outdoor / sports enthusiasts… and is famous for its diving, with over one hundred and fifty wrecks to explore, and some great reef dives as well. Golf is another popular pastime, and there are several private and public courses available to play. The courses are challenging, well kept, and boast some of the best views on the island. The island offers a huge selection of restaurants and bars for all tastes and budgets. Provisioning too, is excellent, with a great range of quality local produce, from fish to fresh herbs. The daily flights from the U.S. and Europe bring in an excellent selection of imported products including French cheeses and wines from around the world.

One of the best-known things about Bermuda in the yachting community is Bermuda Harbour Radio (now ‘Bermuda Radio’), which has the highest reputation for their professional and helpful manner. They are one of the most efficient, professional and courteous radio authorities in the world, renowned for making one feel comfortable and safe on one’s approach to the island. Another great benefit for visiting yachts is the presence of Bermuda Yacht Services new facility, specifically dedicated towards serving professionally crewed yachts visiting the island. In all, Bermuda certainly makes a great stop over… be it for a couple of days, or a couple of months.

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