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About The Bahamas

Extending southeast from the east coast of Florida, lies a scattering of islands amidst an ocean of brilliant colours, with turquoise seas and white sandy beaches. If one includes the Turks and Caicos, there are more than 700 islands (of which only about 30 are inhabited) in an area of almost 100,000 square miles.

To the northeast of the chain lie Great and Little Abaco Islands, with Grand Bahama and the town of Freeport sandwiched between them and the east coast of Florida. Working towards the southeast of the Abacos, one finds Eleuthera, Cat Island, San Salvador, Crooked Island and finally the Turks and Caicos. South of Grand Bahama lies Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas, and again running southeast one finds - inside the ‘outer chain’ - Great Exuma and Long Island. Between Andros and Eleuthera is New Providence Island, with Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas.

The islands are generally low lying, rising little more than 100ft, while the depth of water between the islands averages between 10 to 30ft over most of the area. Indeed the Spanish area named Grand Bahama, means “the great shallow sea”. All around the plateaus on which the islands and cays are perched, the Atlantic Ocean plunges to great depths, making for a really spectacular cruising area. The islands are renowned for their gorgeous waters and seemingly endless array of uninhabited cays, with excellent diving, exciting fishing, and an endless variety of shoreside activities.

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