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Agence maritime of Fare Ute (AMFU)

Established as one of the oldest maritime agencies in French Polynesia, the Agence Maritime of Fare Ute has, in recent years, opened a yacht division which has since seen a steady and growing success. This well established company’s network of contacts, hands on experience and moreover native knowledge of their islands help to better serve their clients’ needs and accomplish their wildest desires.

French Polynesia with its 117 islands in 5 archipelagoes extends over a region as vast as Europe with only your yacht and crew in some of the most splendid sceneries in the world. With modern facilities and easy provisioning, yachts up to 120 meters have been increasingly coming into this beautiful region for the calm and easiness of our destination. We advise our readers to check the website at for more information on the services offered by this well recommended company. Bud Gilroy is the contact. 

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