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Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero in Lanzarote is Calero Marinas’ most established and exclusive sailing destination. This sheltered sun-trap bustles with a friendly village-like atmosphere and the scenic marina waterfront offers an engaging variety of restaurants, cafés and shops. 

Puerto Calero has quietly become a haven for those looking to escape the rigours of winter. The security and peacefulness afforded by a safe environment combined with a safe, sunny climate and easy access due to the tremendously well-connected nearby airport means that for many, relocating to cruise around the Canaries suddenly starts to make a lot of sense. Offering a reassuringly complete services to visiting yachts with additional VIP guest options and competitively priced bunkering, Puerto Calero and Marina Lanzarote provide engaging and refreshing alternatives to the traditional Canarian stopovers.

Rich in national parkland and home to the largest marina reserve in Europe, Lanzarote and her surrounding waters offer some tremendously rewarding sailing with reliable forecasts, uncluttered seas and attractive anchorages. Puerto Calero, the original marina in the group has hosted numerous sailing World Championships and home to its fourth resident Volvo training campaign, Team SCA, where these top-level projects are drawn to the island by the lure of a veritable menu of sailing conditions within easy reach. 

Location: 28º 54' 93”N 13º 42' 29” W

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