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Bensaude Shipping Agents

Bensaude Shipping Agents, associated company of the Bensaude Group, established in 1820, is one of the leading and oldest shipping agency businesses in the Azores. With their strategic location ‘mid-passage’ in the Atlantic, they provide a wide range of services in their role as full official port / ship-yacht agents. These services include: access to duty free fuel suppliers, Customs / Immigration clearances, VAT importation, berth arrangements, ship chandlers, lubs / filters / hydraulics supplies, slops / sludge removal, waste oil services, hotel accommodation, crew changes and more.

With full coverage of all Azorean ports, this highly progressive, modern customer oriented company, have broad experience making them able to provide an efficient and reliable response to all customer’s needs. They do this at competitive rates, combining their knowledge of local procedures with highly skilled and professional staff. We heard how Captains and Owners worldwide, calling by the Azores; can consign their yacht to Bensaude Shipping Agents with the confidence that they will always offer their highest possible standards.

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